1. Lizzie came over for a visit!


  2. duchessswan1313 said: what is the name of the girl from eah who is supposedly the real daughter of odette destined to be the swan princess? i really want to know, shes so pretty

    Aaaah are you talking about the snow girl? I don’t think her name has been released yet so I’m not too sure sadly! ;-;


  3. onetoughghostie said: I'm so excited for your Lizzie drawing! It looks gorgeous so far!

    Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the finished product!


  4. meggyreap said: How did you become a freelance artist?

    I would say when I started to do work for Mattel. A freelance illustrator is just someone who is free to take job offers for illustration work!

  5. Had to rush this sadly because I am going out of town, so i didn’t get to add and fix all of the things I wanted! ;;


  6. Anonymous said: I just wanted to let you know this because I know you might be upset if you notice it after you finish Lizzie! The hearts on her neck collar actually go in a pattern of right-side-up, upside-down, right-side-up, etc.! ;;w;; I love your art and I hope you don't take this as me being critical because I assure you that's not the case, love! I love your art and Lizzie's lookin' gorgeous! I can't wait to see her finished!

    Ahhhh thank you so much for letting me know hon! I actually just remembered her neck collar pattern like just a few minutes ago, silly me! I’ll definitely fix it though and thanks so much again for the heads up!

  7. WIP!


  8. Anonymous said: Hey Roto, I just finished watching 13 Wishes and it made me wonder...ever thought about drawing up Gigi Grant? I'm sure she'd be KILLER in your art style

    I have! I love Gigi’s hair omg she’s so cute!

  9. River Styx: Have you ever been someone’s apprentice or interned before?

    I’m not sure if it counts as being interned, but I have been trained by people in my previous job!

    Catty Noir: Are you superstitious?

    Very! I am very careful about not opening an umbrella inside or not breaking a mirror.

    Scarah Screams: Have you ever gotten so close to someone that you felt like you could practically read their mind?

    Hmm… I’m not quite sure, but I have thought the exact same thing as some people before.

    Toralei Stripe: Have you ever tried to get revenge on someone?

    Sadly… I have, multiple times! It isn’t something I’m happy about though.

    Gil Webber: Have your parents made a decision for you that you wish they didn’t?

    Noooot that I can recall thank goodness!

    C.A. Cupid: Have you ever moved to a new school district?

    I have, about three times or so!


  10. Cintiq

    Hey fairy-ends (ahaha.. ha..),

    So, I’m thinking about finally getting a Cintiq, and I was wondering if anyone who has one could maybe give me some information about it? Will converting from an old school tablet (I currently have an intuos 3) be super hard, or does the Cintiq make things easier? Any pros and cons I should know about?

  11. neverland-of-fairytales:




    Sweet Screams Abbey Bominable

    Favorite Abbey since her Signature doll

    Hair: white, black, daiquiri ice - like Twyla’s, grape, dark pink & iridescent tinsel

    Oh my god, she looks spectacular!

    oh my gosh, i love her!!!

    Initially I wasn’t sure about this doll since in the original promo pics that were going around it didn’t really look that nice and I’m usually iffy with Abbey dolls, but THIS IS SO PERFECT. I officially need all of the Sweet Screams line, they are so pretty and unique and wonderful. Plus they all come with rotodisk's awesome art!! Can't wait to see owner pics of the new Ghoulia too.

    Eeeee OMG!!


  12. I want to be rotodisk when I grow up. SO PRETTY.

    Eeeeeeee bless you sweetheart!

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  13. Anonymous said: Hey Roto I was just curious if you ever took commissions? Sorry if you've answered this before.

    I’ve always thought about it, though I’ve been so busy lately ;; I really hope to one day though!


  14. puppy41199 said: Hi again Roto~ I was wondering if you were planning to do more livestreams in the future, Too curious about your process lol and if you like to draw more of the boys besides val. It'd be really cool to see them in your style! Love the new Ashlynn drawing as well :>

    Thank you sweetheart!

    Yes, I definitely need to do more livestreams in the future! It’s a bit difficult to work on a Mac, but I’ve figured it out for the most part and I love chatting with people!


  15. forever-after-high said: Hello Rotodisk, I really love your drawings especially those of Cupid & Duchess, and so can you draw Cupid with Duchess on day ? ...a Black Swan Legacy Day of Duchess also :'x ?


    Black Swan Legacy Day?!

    HEX YES! *goes to doodle designs*

    Also yes definitely need to draw Duchess and Cupid together as they are two of my honies!