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  2. coleslawdraws:

    i really love miwadake's idea so i tried designing this guy’s sister! or cousin, i guess

    she takes after the brother in the original fairytale, cursed to become a deer, but the curse wont be completed until her story starts.


  3. haileyhavok said: Omg I just read that you did the illustrations for Sweet Screams, I thought the style of the art looked very familiar!! Now I have even more reason to buy SS (cause I'm so far behind like a loser...)! :D Ahh your art is gorgeoussssss~ do you get royalties from that line? D:

    OMG OMG thank you so much dearie! Haha I still have three more I need to collect myself and I need them because the designs are just so drop dead gorgeous and I love sweet-inspired outfits ;____;


  4. silvergamma said: I love your art! And that last Rochelle you posted is beautiful!

    Eeeeeee thank you so much sweetheart!! <3 <3 <3


  5. brethartofficial said: Hey roto!! I wanted to ask ya what series of MH dolls did u do illustrations for? I have money for once in my life and i really want one but i couldn't remember which ones :'/

    Sweet Screams! =D I still need to finish my collection myself heehee!


  6. teatime-with-maddie:


    are we still on for briar month i heard that was a thing and i am 100% on board for that

    Yep! All September will be Briar Appreciation month. Royal or rebel made some guidelines if you would like some ideas for what to post on what week :)

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  7. =D!


  8. plattycat said: i'm sure you're getting a lot of messages like this but i wanted to say this anyway; congrats on the DD!! your work is so lovely and stunning and makes so many people happy and it makes me happy to see you be featured like this!! you deserve it. best wishes!!

    THANK YOU SWEETHEART! It means so much OMG! ;____; *hugglehuggle* <3 <3

  9. peppapigvevo:

    im gonna wait til i finish gus before i post these to the tag but im way too happy with how this turned out to wait that long lol so think of this as a special sneak peek for my followers etc

    special thanks to everyone in my stream that helped me with colors!

    Helga Crumb, daughter of Hansel: redesign

  10. blueeyeslikethesea:




    Pic Credit to mhinsider, I just had to blow Vandala up to see the mermaid figurehead.

    Am not disappointed.

    Ohhhhhh my gooooooooooood

    i hope her leg is actually missing! an amputee would be some cool new representation to add to the line up

    yep, the leg is removable even on the doll, it’s not meant to be a natural part of her body :)

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  12. gajewski01:


    Today I made a fantastic discovery, so naturally I had to play some dress-up as my new fave EAH girl. I can’t even express how thrilled I am that the daughter of Sleeping Beauty pretty much has my look. Coincidentally, I’ve been wanting to put some pink in my hair for Gamora reasons.

    Also I added Briar Beauty dolls to my amazon wishlist because I am a nerd and want to save them for later when I get my first paycheck. Or if you’re rich and want to buy me the doll I look like go right ahead.

    And this Is why representation is important !


  13. MH/EAH Suggestions!

    I dunno what to draw blaaaaaaah any lovelies have any ideas? It would be most appreciated!

  14. teatime-with-maddie:


    so in other news i finally have another eah oc named Gerda Gooseheart and she is of course the daughter of mother goose and she is all to happy take over her mothers stor and become the mother to fables.. she has a prosthetic arm bc of an accidnt she had(still being worked out) and an adopted brother …..

    Cute design. I like her color scheme a lot :)

    OMG she’s too gorgeous!
  15. mhinsider:

    Haunted artwork. Via the Monster High Zazzle merch (thanks Neptunableu for the link!)

    We’ve already seen Vandala, and leak of Spectra, but Rochelle being apart of Haunted is new news. 

    And then Clawdeen and Draculaura are both labeled as Boo York on their pages, but those are the only illustrations of Catty & Operetta, and their styling is all too similar (I see a lot of faceted surfaces on shoes & sunglasses).

    It’s too early to tell what Boo York is going to be. We know Haunted is the big movie line for Spring 2015, and we already have a core line (Monster Exchange), a dance line (Bloom & Gloom), and a budget line (Freaky Field Trip). Maybe they’re the next 2-Packs or an entirely store-exclusive line, or maybe the next movie?

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