1. The Tale of Legacy Day icons

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    "Wishing my dad a Big Bad Father’s Day! He always knows how to make me howl with laughter." - Cerise

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    Watch it. Learn it. #ZombieShake it.

    OMGhoul this was so creepy cute!

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    Happy Friday the 13th, guys and ghouls!

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  5. I think Cupid should pass out heart-shaped cookies to help her win Thronecoming Queen!

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  6. Purple.. purple everywhere!

  7. ♥!

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    Madeline Hatter
    Ever After High
    Cosplay: Shides
    Photographer: Sunneh

    Photo set 2

    Finally got around to lighting a second group  of photo from the suit. If the sun was out that day this would be alot easier.


  9. image

    Hair can actually be a bit tricky, and it’s still something I am trying to get better at myself! Don’t know how well I can explain this, but I will try my absolute best!

    First, I usually start off selecting a base color. Nothing too light, nothing too dark, but something in between. This makes it easier for me when it comes to shading.


    Second, I start jotting down colors to see what I like. Usually I’ll select two or three shades darker than the base color, one shade lighter, and one shade for an under light (such as an orange or blue). Use your lines as a guide when shading hair, and I normally shade in “corners”.


    Third I start to blend!


    Fourth step is usually where I begin tweaking the colors with the Hue/Saturation and Brightness/Contrast settings. Both SAI and PS have them, and since I like my colors rather bright, I play around with both! Kind of mess around with the arrows until you get something you like.





    Hope this helped!

  10. Super hexcited to be going to Ever After High with my twin sister Holly. Now I can discover my own Happily Ever After.

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  11. Anonymous said: Do you do lessons? Like a freelance job on tutoring :)?

    Lessons, as in tutorials? I could definitely make a few, just let me know what it is you were wanting help with! =)

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    ref grabs. I guess her sugar coating is her “skin,” she has a nose and everything just painted over unlike the actual skeleton characters. 

    La Muerte from The Book Of Life

    La Muerte (the character) is based on the Mexican Catrinas used during the Day of the Dead, and many women who dress up as the Catrina draw the nose holes on their noses like that to emulate the skull through make-up along with the colorful markings. The sugar coating on the “skin” is to show that La Muerte is made of candy, which emulates the candy skulls that are made for the festival of the Day of the Dead, and the candy skulls have those colorful markings on them as well. It’s also cool to notice the Cempasúchil flowers on her dress and hat, which are always present during the festival.

    These are some of the reasons as to why I have mad respect for the details that are being given to these characters <3

    Reblogging for the info, that’s pretty rad. 

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    Why do ghouls fall in love’s Valentine :) Every time I get commissioned to work on the CAM vampire head, I get to do awesome characters! 

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    Probably the best picture of the (front of) my C.A. Cupid costume!  So far, at least.  There are more, I’m just waiting patiently for them 0:-)

    Costume by pepperpantscosplay
    Wings by plumbers-friend-cosplay
    Photo by Kangle Media
    AnimeNext 2014

    drop dead GORE-geous!

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    OKAY GUYS!!! I’ve reached 500 followers, so that means…GIVEAWAY TIME!

    Since 500 is a pretty big milestone, I’m going to throw in an extra special awesome bonus! 

    As always, I’m going to choose three winners, but the first winner I choose gets…drumroll please…A FREE DOLL!! As long as it’s still in stock where I am, I will get you ANY doll you want up to a $25 value! (Sirena, Avea, and Bonita anyone?)

    All three winners will get a drawing of their choosing as well!

    Here are the rules:

    1. You MUST be following me. I will check.
    2. Reblog and like as many times as you want, just don’t spam your followers!
    3. I will draw up to TWO characters per picture.
    4. These characters may be canon MH characters, EAH characters, or your own OC’s! <3
    5. Please, NO OTHER FANDOMS. This is my Monster High/Ever After High blog, so I’d like to keep the images MH or EAH centric.
    6. I will NOT do nsfw. Pairings are fine, nsfw is a no go. I’m totally more than okay with it, I just am no good at drawing it.
    7. You HAVE to be willing to give me your address. If you are not okay with that, then you will not be the first prize winner.

    Since I’m abroad right now, I won’t be doing this for a while, so I’m going to go ahead and set the end date to JULY 4th. GOOD LUCK!!! <3333


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