1. I want to be rotodisk when I grow up. SO PRETTY.

    Eeeeeeee bless you sweetheart!

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  2. Anonymous said: Hey Roto I was just curious if you ever took commissions? Sorry if you've answered this before.

    I’ve always thought about it, though I’ve been so busy lately ;; I really hope to one day though!


  3. puppy41199 said: Hi again Roto~ I was wondering if you were planning to do more livestreams in the future, Too curious about your process lol and if you like to draw more of the boys besides val. It'd be really cool to see them in your style! Love the new Ashlynn drawing as well :>

    Thank you sweetheart!

    Yes, I definitely need to do more livestreams in the future! It’s a bit difficult to work on a Mac, but I’ve figured it out for the most part and I love chatting with people!


  4. forever-after-high said: Hello Rotodisk, I really love your drawings especially those of Cupid & Duchess, and so can you draw Cupid with Duchess on day ? ...a Black Swan Legacy Day of Duchess also :'x ?


    Black Swan Legacy Day?!

    HEX YES! *goes to doodle designs*

    Also yes definitely need to draw Duchess and Cupid together as they are two of my honies!


  5. porcelaindoll-xo said: Hey lovely! I really like your work. Do you think at some point you could do some line art so people could color your drawings in themselves? With your credit of course. I've just been trying to find ever after high coloring pages and there's only a wee bit out.

    ABSOLUTELY OMG I was just thinking about this today actually! I really love doing lineart and I LOVE seeing others coloring styles so I will definitely see if I can upload some soon!


  6. skyler1420 said: I know you probably don't take requests, but I really wanna see you draw Toralei ❤️

    AGH I so need to draw Toralei again. I miss drawing her, I’ll see if I can doodle her up soon!

  7. teatime-with-maddie:


    "If you could only see
    The beast you’ve made of me
    I held it in
    but now it seem’s
    you’ve set it running free…” 🎶

    She’s so lovely! I can’t wait until I get mine :)


  8. Anonymous said: Your art gives me life. For reals, I love it. I always get excited when you update.

    OMG thank you so much! *hugglehuggle*


  9. Anonymous said: your artwork is HORRIBLE because it makes me wanna SMOOCH my screen and it's too CUTE i get all SMILEY and stuff whenever i see it. HORRIBLE!

    Haha! Thank you sweetheart! <3~

  10. TOO CUTE!

  11. kaylin-de-nile:


    Images from new game Hat-tastic Tea Party.

    I can’t express more, just how much I’d like a hat-tastic wave 2.

    (via everafterhighfr)

  12. Late night doodle~



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  15. Anonymous said: Can you make a really beautiful illustration of Cedar Wood? Thanks!

    Sure! I really want to draw more Cedar, so hopefully soon! :)