1. Anonymous said: Your art gives me life. For reals, I love it. I always get excited when you update.

    OMG thank you so much! *hugglehuggle*


  2. Anonymous said: your artwork is HORRIBLE because it makes me wanna SMOOCH my screen and it's too CUTE i get all SMILEY and stuff whenever i see it. HORRIBLE!

    Haha! Thank you sweetheart! <3~

  3. TOO CUTE!

  4. kaylin-de-nile:


    Images from new game Hat-tastic Tea Party.

    I can’t express more, just how much I’d like a hat-tastic wave 2.

    (via everafterhighfr)

  5. Late night doodle~



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  8. Anonymous said: Can you make a really beautiful illustration of Cedar Wood? Thanks!

    Sure! I really want to draw more Cedar, so hopefully soon! :)


  9. gajewski01 said: Omg!! I didn't know we lived so close to each other I live In the downtown Dallas metro hey girl heyyyyy

    Ahhhhh always wanted to visit Dallas and do some serious shopping! I hear people are super nice there!


  10. Anonymous said: Would you ever do a drawing of Alistair Wonderland? I'm curious to see what you think he'd look like

    Hmm, never really thought what Alistar might look like but I wouldn’t mind doing some designs for him in the near future!


  11. yulocchi said: I live near Houston, Texas how far would that be from you? ;-;

    Houston is I think aaaah an hour and thirty minutes from where I am! I’m right by the Texas border and we often go to Houston to catch flights, so I don’t think we are that far at all! =)


  12. puppy41199 said: Hi there! I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your artwork~ I actually bought one of the sweet screams Frankie dolls for your illustrations :3 Your work is beautiful and I hope you never stop drawing!

    OMG that’s so awesome aaaaah! Thank you so much omg omg ;; *kisskiss*


  13. killerdyke said: Oh my god are you from NOLA??!! I recognized the Saints color palette!!! WHO DAT SAY THEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS??


    (LOL lived in NOLA for about 17 years, but I’m only four hours away so technically I’m still well comfy in Saints territory!)


  14. Anonymous said: Hey Roto, I know you have a Monster High oc, but do you have an Ever After High? And What would you look like as a MH or EH character?

    Sadly I don’t have an EAH OC as of yet, I have however drawn myself as an EAH character:

    I never really thought of what I would look like as a MH character haha! I should draw that sometime definitely!


  15. dontlookthroughthecurtains said: Have you ever wondered how Cupitine's relationship, if there was one, would go down in EAH? All of the royals and rebels discuss their romantic and future romantic lives while Cupid sits to the side with a nervous smile, thinking, "Can't let you know my vampire boyfriend haunted the school in retaliation to my transfer and his inability to accept and control his feelings for me." Anyway, your work is greatly admired, and you're such a beautiful person!

    OMG that’s so cute!

    I always wonder what Cupitine’s relationship would be like in the EAH verse, I really want to get back on drawing fanart with Valentine interacting with some of the other students or something. I also need to possibly redesign him to fit in the EAH verse, though I love his original outfit so much you know? ;; Definitely need to get back on drawing Cupitine soon though!

    Thank you so much for your kindness OMG! *hugs you*